"Vector" Scientific and Educational Center

‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center

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Director: Veronika Vladimirovna Antonenko
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor
Address: 100 Universitetsky prospekt, Volgograd, Volgogradskaya oblast’,
Southern Federal District, 400062
Room: 33-12 Б (main building)
Tel.: +7(8442) 40-55-26
Email: avv1@volsu.ru 

Regulations of ‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center

Governance minutes

The ‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center is an organizational form of integration and coordination of educational, scientific and innovative activity of VolSU departments, including international activity and scientific knowledge promotion.

Main objectives of the ‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center:

  • systematization of academic and administrative-regulatory practices in the areas of ESG and sustainable development;
  • development of a multidimensional ESG model for managing the sustainable development of the University;
  • continuing professional development of academic and engineering staff;
  • improvement of the efficiency and quality of research work, training of academic staff;
  • attraction of the youth to the sphere of science, education and innovation.

Main tasks of the ‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center:

  • creation of a center for scientific cooperation and joint research of leading national and foreign universities and organizations to solve the issues of implementing ESG principles and green technology in the management of the sustainable development of ecological and economic systems;
  • analysis of leading international solutions and identification of conceptual principles, conditions, advantages and limitations of the ESG criteria implementation in the activity of the University;
  • analyzing the specifics, legislative conditions and existing practice of ESG criteria application in Russia;
  • research and development in the areas of ESG and sustainable development.

Team of the ‘Vector’ Scientific and Educational Center:


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Veronika Vladimirovna Antonenko
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, 


Irina Vitalievna Usacheva,
Candidate of Sciences (Economics),
Associate Professor, Deputy Director


Anna Viktorovna Kholodenko,
Candidate of Sciences (Geography),
Head of the Department of Ecology
and Nature Management,
Associate Professor


Valentin Alekseevich Dzedik,
Doctor of Sciences (Economics), 
Associate Professor


Veronika Sergeevna Epinina,
Candidate of Sciences (Economics),
Associate Professor