VolSU professor joins Oblkompriroda experts

Dr. Elena Ivantsova, director of the Institute of Natural Sciences at Volgograd State University, has been included in a working group of experts of the Committee of Natural Resources, Forestry and Environment of Volgograd Oblast to develop recommendations on a mechanism to eliminate the Beloe More sludge reservoir. The working group was set up by order of Volgograd Region Governor Mr.Andrei Bocharov, who visited the site in late May together with the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant federal and regional services. It was decided to carry out additional studies to identify the optimal mechanism for implementing the sludge reservoir project.

Let's remind, the sludge collector including wastes of I-IV classes of danger, began to appear as a result of activity of an industrial giant "Khimprom" in the middle of the last century. The "White Sea" stretches for 1.4 km in length and up to 200 m in width. The total area of the sludge reservoir is about 25 hectares. The volume of the accumulated sludge is about 1.5 million cubic metres. At the same time, the depth of accumulation in some areas reaches 16-18 m. The exact qualitative and quantitative composition of the contents of the 'White Sea' is to be determined by additional engineering surveys.

The Oblkompriroda expert working group has approved four survey programmes, including environmental, geodetic and hydrometeorological surveys. At present, engineering surveys have started in Kirovsky district of Volgograd on the territory of the former "Khimprom" to investigate the sludge collector. As Yelena Ivantsova notes, the measures for neutralization of the sludge collector and reclamation of the vast site will be included in the regional program "Preservation and prevention of pollution of the Volga River in the Volgograd Region" of the federal project "Recovering the Volga" of the national project "Ecology".

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