VolSU geography students have an internship in Siberia

4nThird-year students of the Department of Geography and Cartography of Volgograd State University had an academic internship in Siberia under the guidance of senior lecturer Dr. Nikolay Vishnyakov and assistant Ms. Natalia Kukushkina. In previous years, students of the department have already visited the Circumpolar Urals, Murmansk Region, Zailiisky Alatau and China.

The physical and geographical part of the internship took place in a permanent tent camp (Narym Scientific and Educational Complex) in the territory of the National Park "Krasnoyarskie Stolby" (Western Sayan).

The students were introduced to the famous Krasnoyarsk rocks, which date back to the Cambrian Paleozoic era. Rising magma from the Earth's interior penetrated deep into the sedimentary rocks lining the bottom of the ancient sea and solidified, forming syenite formations with a strong crystalline structure.

During eight days students made hiking tour along uplands of Krasnoyarsk pillars massif, crossed mountain rivers and swampy plains, studied economic complex of Krasnoyarsk and Sosnovoborsk cities, visited plywood factory, geological museum of Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University Department of Geography and Geography Teaching Methods, and made excursion to the remarkable karst cave "Karaulnaya-2".

In addition, the geographers were introduced to the internal structure, functional areas, scientific, economic and tourist-recreational work of the Krasnoyarskie Stolby National Park. Under the guidance of Ms.Anastasia Knorre, Director of Science of the National Park, they had a large popular science tour of the scientific station, the meteorological station and the zoological collection repository. The students got acquainted with dendrochronological and geobotanical researches and were able to ask questions about fauna, weather and climatic and tourist-recreational characteristics of the territory.

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