An open lecture for environmental science students by Sberbank representatives

3nA meeting with Mr. Igor Prokofyev, Advisor to the Chairman of the Volga Branch of Sberbank, was organized in the Boiling Point of Volgograd State University for the teaching staff of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management and third-year students of the Ecology and Nature Management educational programme and Ecoinitiative activists.

The topic of the meeting was ESG approaches (environmental, social, governance). They were formulated by the UN more than 15 years ago and are now stated in the Principles for Responsible Investment. Annually the list is extended, and today it already consists of 17 items, nine of which are related to ecology. The lecture at VolSU looked at the goals of sustainable development, ecological footprint issues and environmental problems in the Volga region. Sberbank PJSC implements the "SBER Ecosystem", which aims to create green offices, save on the use of energy consumed, separate waste collection and recycling, and plant trees.

Dr. Anna Matveeva, associate professor of the Ecology and Nature Management Department and mentor of the Ecoinitiative student society notes that “Business communities at the current stage of Russian economic development are focused on "green" investment of student ESG projects "Present for the Future". The introduction of project activities into the teaching and learning process will make it possible to apply the acquired knowledge in the field of ecology and nature management in practice and promote the development of ecological thinking”.

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