VolSU students conducted research on the nature of their native land

2nStudents of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management of Volgograd State University conducted field internship in plant and animal ecology, general ecology, and conducted environmental monitoring studies.

In the course of the internship, the first-year students made daily route studies of ecosystems of different degree of modification in various districts of the city. In addition to practicing the skills of observing, identifying and describing various biological objects, the students applied the previously learned techniques of describing communities and analyzing various biotopes. According to the students, our hot, dusty, bustling industrial city opened up to them from another side, attracting them with its cool, shady gullies, fascinating colourful grasses, butterflies and bird voices.

Ecology students conducted monitoring research on the territory of the Volgo-Akhtubinsk Floodplain Nature Park. Using classical methods, field laboratories and modern digital equipment, students analyzed the biodiversity of floodplain biogeocenoses, assessed the condition and dynamics of oak forests, surveyed small water bodies and collected interesting soil science material. The students worked in various locations, collected and analyzed ecologically significant information, got acquainted with the system of nature protection measures of the nature park. The knowledge and skills acquired by the students will form the basis for their future professional competencies.

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