VolSU participates in the implementation of national projects

VolSU contributes to the implementation of national projects in Russia by participating in 4.06.2020.pngvarious fields: science, education, health, ecology, demography, and others.

So, actually our University carries out training of employees of the Krasny Oktyabr metallurgical plant within the framework of the Workforce Productivity and Employment Support National Project. 15 contracts were signed for a total amount of almost 4 million rubles. There are some fields of study: Personnel Management, Sales Manager, Landscape Gardening, Metrological Examination of Technical Documentation, Verification and Calibration of Physico-Chemical and Optico-Physical measuring instruments, Metrological Provision of Production and others.

VolSU is also providing English language courses for medical staff of the Volgograd Cardiology Center within the framework of the National Healthcare Project.

Within the National Demography Project in the Volgograd region pre-retirees and women, who have children are being trained under such programs as HR Specialist, Logistics Manager, Jurisprudence, Social Work Management, State and Municipal Management, Communication and Management Technologies in Social Work,  Digital Literacy: Efficiency Improvement of Information and Communication Technologies (Systems).

As for the Older generation Federal project, VolSU creates a system of long-term care for elderly citizens and disabled people recognized as needing social services.

According to the Volgograd region Administration, about 400 employees in the region will acquire new skills in 2020 participating in the vocational and additional education program, which is implemented under the Workforce Productivity and Employment Support National Project. In the context of the spread of COVID-19 all students take online classes.

As for the National Project " Success for Every Child", the House of scientific collaboration named for Yermolyeva was created in Volgograd region. This key center for children's development based on VolSU implements additional education programs for children as well as professional retraining for teachers of the Volgograd region. In view of National Ecology Project, VolSU research teams analyze the hydrological regime of the Lower Volga and its impact on the preservation of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain Natural Park, as well as implement the measures to clear the channels of small rivers in the Volgograd region.

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