VolSU Volunteers joined the Russian project "We are together"

07.04.2020.jpgActivists of Proryv Volunteer Centre joined the Russian project "We are together" (ru: «Мы Вместе») .

# МыВместе is a project for citizens and organizations that want to help others during the epidemic of coronavirus.

Our volunteers as well as other 25 thousand ones from all over the country are helping now the elderly in this difficult time. There are activists even in remote districts of the Volgograd region, who provide assistance, for example, delivering food and basic necessities for people who are at risk. In addition, several volunteers have already started training to work in a call center to provide psychosocial support by the phone.

On the мывместе2020.рф web portal, you can not only learn useful news, but offer your help too. 700 companies and associations have already joined the campaign: they organize hotlines, provide legal advice and access to free services for remote work and online education. 

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