15.12.2021 VolSU was included in Top 5 Green Universities of the Russian Federation, according to UI GreenMetric 2021

09.11.2021 VolSU ecologists took part in regional “Environmental Discussions”

08.11.2021 VolSU ecologists investigated the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain

29.10.2021 Unique milk beverage by VolSU scientists

27.09.2021 VolSU ecologists took part in the 5th National Roundtable "Green Universities of Russia"

21.09.2021 VolSU professor joins Oblkompriroda experts

02.08.2021 VolSU students conducted research on the nature of their native land

27.07.2021 VolSU geography students have an internship in Siberia

27.05.2021 An open lecture for environmental science students by Sberbank representatives

21.05.2021 VolSU volunteer received the "Hot Heart" medal

14.05.2021 VolSU hosted an international archaeological conference

26.04.2021 VolSU is the 1st Russian university obtained prestigious international certification

26.04.2021 Volgograd International Model UN-2021

08.12.2020 VolSU is among TOP-10 Russian universities in UI GreenMetric-2020

24.11.2020 VolSU at Green Ranking Workshop

14.09.2020 VolSU kind bus stop

10.06.2020 A scientific paper prepared with the participation of VolSU scientists will be published in the British publishing house

08.06.2020 VolSU scientist took part in the Russian Environmental Forum

04.06.2020 VolSU participates in the implementation of national projects

07.04.2020 VolSU Volunteers joined the Russian project "We are together"

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