14.09.2020 VolSU kind bus stop

10.06.2020 A scientific paper prepared with the participation of VolSU scientists will be published in the British publishing house

08.06.2020 VolSU scientist took part in the Russian Environmental Forum

04.06.2020 VolSU participates in the implementation of national projects

07.04.2020 VolSU Volunteers joined the Russian project "We are together"

07.02.2020 VolSU volunteers were thanked for participating in the environmental campaign

04.02.2020 VolSU faculty staff will form ecological conscienceness of young people

31.10.2019 VolSU students planted a forest

11.10.2019 Russian ecologists spoke at the V International scientific and practical conference at Volgograd State University and visited Baskunchak lake

22.05.2019 VolSU students took part in the city environmental adventure game

26.04.2019 An environmental campaign "Interflorization" was held at the VolSU on the eve of the Day of twin cities

22.04.2019 Volgograd State University Scientists discussed environmental problems of cities at the international environmental conference

02.04.2019 Scientists discussed approaches to the study of gender resources

25.02.2019 VolSU scientists proposed directions for the development of environmental voluntary work in Volgograd region

05.12.2018 VolSU students took part in the Interregional Youth Eco-forum


The first spring clean-up was held at VolSU this year.

Students of Volgograd State University took part in the event dedicated to the Environmental Knowledge Day

The final of the city contest "eco-city-2018" was held at VolSU

Students-ecologists of VolSU took part in the all-Russian action «Water of Russia»

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